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If you choose the GHC Bandcamp Monthly Plan for 10 dollars per month, you will receive the whole Life's A Glitch compilation series (25 tunes on 5 compilations altogether), also you will get all our new label releases for free, on the day of the release date (we release new music on a weekly basis), furthermore, you can choose any 5 releases from the GHC discography catalog that you will get also for free in addition, and to top it all off, you will also get an exclusive unreleased instrumental version of the track Mongoose feat. Grim Glitch - Show (from Continuous EP) which is available only for GHC Bandcamp Monthly Plan subscribers and you will get an additional 15% discount on all GHC merch!

Here’s what you get:

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Glitch Hop Community

YouTube Channel & Record Label & Clothing Line

All about Glitch Hop and beyond